Gel Play Glitter Me


Type: Gel Glitter


Gel Play Glitter Me - This is clear gel with the right viscosity for adding any glitter or pigment to create your own unique colours. Can be cured in UV or LED Lamps.
Glitter Me Instructions
You can mix Glitter Me with any loose glitter or pigment you choose. It is the same base gel that we use in our Gel Play Glitters making it easy to customize your own glitter blends that apply easily to any design without running.
  1. On a mixing palette, blend a 2-1 ratio of your choice of glitter with Glitter me using a spatula.
  2. Follow the same application steps above.
  3. Any remaining Glitter mix can be kept in a solid colour, air-tight container. *You can save your empty Akzentz Options and Gel Play pots for custom blended mixes.
Size: 4g/.14oz
UV 2mins
LED 30secs
* Curing times may need to be extended depending on how much pigment/glitter is mixed in with the glitter me gel. 


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