HD Pro Blossom Shimmer Cover Powder

Type: Core Powder

HD Professional Ombre Shimmer Powders


Our shimmer ombre powders are designed to work perfectly with our Adhere and Optimal liquid monomers. They offer excellent coverage due to the high pigmentation plus have a beautiful but subtle shimmer and a bubble free finish when applied correctly ensuring high clarity and brightness of colours. Perfect for baby boomer & ombre techniques. We have a wide variety of colours to suit every technicians needs. Our acrylic dries to a velvety smooth finish due to the fineness of our powders which means less filing for that perfect finish. We also have our Camouflage cover Pink range of powders that offer 3 colours that are perfect for nail bed extensions.

3 colours available:

Latte Shimmer : A beautiful peach tone with fine gold shimmer cover pink.
Blossom Shimmer : A deep dusky rose with fine white shimmer cover powder.
Nude Shimmer:  A gorgeous nude tone with a very fine pink shimmer cover powder.

Available in:


Directions for use:

To be used by qualified professionals only. Adhere and Optimal monomers are designed to work perfectly with all our HD Pro powders using a 2: 1 ratio although due to its composition this can vary depending on the temperature of your working environment. Alway ensure that correct preparation procedures are followed to ensure beautiful, strong but flexible nail enhancements.
All our products are formulated in accordance with EU regulations. 

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