HD Pro Eeeze Gel - Try Me Kit

HD Professional Nail Systems

Eeeze Gel 

Eeeze Gel by HD Professional is an Acrygel/polygel.
It's a new system that combines the best features of both Acrylic & Gel.
It's not acrylic and its not a gel, it doesn't require monomer or mixing and unlike hard gel you have control of the product.
Benefits & Features
Our EEEZE gel is both HEMA and HPMA FREE
No liquid & powder ratios as its pre mixed
Product control, no chasing the product around
Doesn't set up whilst your working, cure on demand
Unlimited working time, work at a speed that suits you
Odour free
HEMA free
HPMA free
UV 3mins/LED 1min 
All our HD Pro gel products have been tested and approved for use with the Akzentz Hybrid Pro Lamp and the Akzentz Black Compact Lamp.
60g Tubes - 30-50* sets per tube.
PLEASE NOTE: We recommend using the HD Pro Nail prep and ultra bond primer with this system to ensure you achieve the best results
1 x 60g Glassy Pink
1 x 120ml Slip Solution
* Will vary dependent on length and application technique. All our products are formulated in accordance with EU regulations. 

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