Who are we? Get to know us and our nail brands......

April 27, 2023

Who are we? Get to know us and our nail brands......



Get to know us...

You may or may not know that Hazel Dixon Nails is a trusted supplier of Akzentz Professional and Manufacturer of HD Professional Nail Systems. We have many years of history behind in this industry and we are constantly striving to provide our customers with the very best products that comply with cosmetic regulations.

HD Professional Nail Systems was born with the professional nail technician at the forefront of everything developed. After many years of working as a nail technician and providing award winning education - Hazel's goal was to provide technicians with unique and easy to use nail systems that made salon life easier with long lasting results and on-trend colours that keeps up with modern day demands. Hazel's years of experience in R&D for a Global brand, lead her to use this expertise & knowledge to develop a whole array of nail systems like acrylic, gel polish, hard gels, art gels, brushes and much more.

HD professional's Acrylic and Gel systems are manufactured in the UK & EU with some specilaist gels made in the USA to the highest standards. Our manufacturers follow the (EC) 1223/2009 regulations and are ISO 22716:2007 / ISO 9001:2015 certified.

All of our HD gel systems (in addition to our manufacturers testing) have also been independently tested by world renowned Chemist Jim McConnell of McConnell Labs in the USA to ensure our gels cure properly in the following approved UV/LED Lamps and to add we were the first UK company to do this !!!


The Akzentz hybrid pro lamp and the Light Elegance Dot lamp, Currently only these 2 lamps are compatible with our HD Pro gels, but we are looking at having more testing done in the future to add to this list. All our gels are a 60s cure in the above lamps unless stated otherwise.



Haigh Industries has developed the Akzentz brand of products for the professional nail technician. Specialising in advanced product development and the manufacturing of specialty gel nail products, Haigh industries goal has been to provide nail technicians with the products, tools and support to excel in the professional beauty industry. As the professional nail industry progresses, Akzentz is committed to continually raise its already high standards and remain a driving force in the development of new and innovative products to meet the needs of twenty first century nail technicians.

Akzentz is a global brand that has been formulating & manufacturing all its gel in Canada for 25 plus years. Akzentz is world renowned for its high quality and easy to use products that, again, follow all regulations and are registered on the UKCP & CPNP.


As a brand and supplier we are committed to ensuring we bring you only the best & highest quality products that conform to cosmetic regulations and they are registered on the new UKCP & CPNP for EU customers as legally required. All the SDS are available to download from our website should you need them. All our products are cruelty free as standard!


We strongly believe in only selling to professionals and students in training so you can be assured you won’t see our brands being sold to consumers. Ultimately we are using products that, if put into the wrong hands, can do so much damage and we will not put profits before safety.


We believe that education is the key to success! We deliver top class education via our sister company Hazel Dixon Nail Artist Academy Ltd, offering independent non-brand biased classes/courses and also brand conversion classes for HD Pro and Akzentz. Take a look here ... www.hazeldixonnailartistacademy.com 


The more you know and understand the better and more knowledgeable technician you will be. We have courses available for all our product lines which offers all the quality features you’ve come to expect from our multi award winning Academy as well as the chemistry and techniques specifically for the HD and Akzentz products.


Our academy team are passionate about delivering only the best and most up to date education.




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