Glitter, Chrome & Pigments

Glitter, Chrome & Pigments

All our glitter, chromes and pigments are a high quality cosmetic grade. When using glitter or pigments for various types of applications, like on the body, face or nails, it's important to use only the highest quality and grade of glitter.

Why is it so important ? craft glitter is not the same quality and mostly made of metal and can have sharp edges meaning it could scratch the skin or surface you're using it on. They often will also be coated with a dye meaning when mixed with your medium of choice for application, often the colour will bleed and run.

All of the colourants used in cosmetic grade glitters/pigments are approved for use in cosmetics. Most cosmetic grade glitters are also finer and have been cut differently into rounder shapes to help & reduce any potential scratching.

All our loose glitters come in a "11g" pot size but due to sizes, shapes and weight differences the actual weight amount will vary. Please be aware that the glitters and chromes are sold per pot not by weight.

All our pigments are sold by weight - 5g in weight of pigment per pot - so you may notice the difference in how "full" the pots are due to size & type of pigment.

We have a range of fine, medium and chunky glitters available along with an array of pigments and chromes.

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