HD Pro THE ONE - All in One Gel Polish Colour

THE ONE - All in one gel colour
THE ONE is a UV/LED soak off all in one pure gel in a bottle offering weeks of wear.
The One is the latest in gel technology offering quality & durability in one bottle.
It is a highly pigmented coloured gel with built in adhesion promoters meaning no base is necessary plus it cures to a high shine no wipe finish........

The One gel polish is suitable for healthy, strong natural nails. If nails are thin, weak and flexible an additional base may be required. 

For those that may be sensitive to some ingredients, this gel is

DI-Hema Free

As the name suggests its the "only" one you need!
The One can be used for:

Express gel manicures 
Gel toes
Colour over any type of enhancements
Perfect for chromes & all types of nail art
Our gels have been independently tested by world renowned Jim McConnell and approved for use in the following UV/LED lamps; to ensure a thorough and proper cure is achieved for perfect results every-time.
We recommend our gel products are cured in the Akzentz Hybrid Pro Lamp or the LE Led Dot Lamp for 60secs.

Download our lamp declaration document here

All our gel products are formulated in accordance with EU regulations & tested to ensure we're delivering you only the best quality & the latest innovations.