HD Pro Colour & Glitter Acrylics

Glitter & Coloured Acrylic Powders

Our Acrylic liquid and powder system has been carefully formulated to work perfectly together to create strong, durable but flexible enhancements . Both our core monomers are HEMA free, Optimal monomer is designed to ensure unsurpassed adhesion due to it having a small amount of built in primer and both are non-yellowing due to the uv stabilisers which ensures colour stability & brightness. Both the Optimal and Adhere monomers are EMA based. Optimal liquid is a faster set monomer for technicians who like to work quicker whilst Adhere is a medium set monomer ideal for those techs who like more working time. All our powders are designed to work perfectly with either monomer.
We also have a special Artiste monomer that can only be used to create art and 3d art work, its not designed to be used for enhancements. 

All our monomers are are MMA Free and are formulated in accordance with EU regulations.

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