HD Pro Eeeze Gel System



Our gels have been independently tested by world renowned Jim McConnell and approved for use in the following UV/LED lamps; to ensure a thorough and proper cure is achieved for perfect results every-time.
We recommend our gel products are cured in the Akzentz Hybrid Pro Lamp or the LE Led Dot Lamp for 60secs.

Download our lamp declaration document here

Eeeze Gel is our new system that combines the best features of both Acrylic & Gel.
It's not acrylic and its not a gel, it doesn't require monomer or mixing and unlike hard gel you have control of the product.

Benefits & Features
No liquid & powder ratios as its pre mixed
Product control, no chasing the product around
Doesn't set up whilst your working, cure on demand
Unlimited working time, work at a speed that suits you
Odour free
UV 3mins/LED 1min
Available in 10 colours
60g Tubes

30-50* sets per tube.

* Will vary dependent on length and application technique.
**PLEASE NOTE: When squeezing your gel from the tube, start at the top of the tube and squeeze gently. Squeezing the tube from the bottom (lid end) can cause the product to be forced upwards and the tube may split.