Akzentz Empty Gel Play Art Palette

Gel Play Palette

The New Akzentz Gel Play Art Palette has 42 individual wells for easy and precise access to your favourite Gel Play colours or convenient mixing areas to create your own custom colours. 
The Art Pallet folds shut and snaps closed limiting light exposure prolonging the life of your stored gel samples helping reduce products waste. 
*Keep out of all UV/LED light, always close the lid on your palette as often s possible to prevent curing. Light from a nearby window or even light shining out of your UV Lamp will cure the gels! To prolong the use of your gel paints , always try to keep out of any rays as much as possible!
*We recommend only keeping a small amount of each Gel Play colours in palette and refill when necessary, as they may cure very quickly when exposed to the any amount of UV rays. 
*This Palette is perfect for storing your Gel Play colours as they do not run. Akzentz Options ICE colors and Aurora glittler may be stored in Palette as well. but any Options colours of a lower visosity may run if the Palette is tipped... if it runs in the pot when you tip it, chances are it will run in the Palette !

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