Akzentz Hybrid Pro Led lamp

Type: LED Lamp

 HybridPro Led lamp

Akzentz Hybrid-Pro is designed to cure both UV and LED Gels. Akzentz UV Gels now cure in 60 seconds and the LED Gels cure in 30 seconds. 
It has all LED bulbs (No CFL or CCFL) for long lasting accurate curing and no changing bulbs. 
HD professional Gels cure time is 60sec/90sec
The spectrum of Hybrid Pro covers a wavelength range from approximately 360nm to 420nm (60nm wide) This lamp also features a magnet tray with a guide for finger placement for optimal cure.
Akzentz Hybrid-Lamp will be replacing our existing Full Hand LED lamp.
Cure Times:
Akzentz UV Gels: 60secs
Akzentz UV/LED Gels: 30 secs





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