Gel Play Glitter - Solar

Type: Gel play

Gel Play Glitter - Celestial Colours 


Introducing the brand new Gel Play Celestial Collection of glitters - 3 new colours to choose from - Gamma, Lunar and Solar. Three new dazzling additions to the Gel Play Glitter Collection. Taking their colours and names from the twinkle and mystery of outer space.

3 New additions to the exceptionally versatile Gel Play line.

These NEW Glitters Gels are suspended in a thin consistency clear gel. These are great for 2 purposes - you can create a semi sheer glitter effect over a colour by brushing it down the nail or a more solid glitter effect by floating the product over the nail. The glitter particles have a touch of aurora so you are getting a stunning glitter colour effect that is throwing out multiple different colour particles that just add to the bling sensation*Product tip image displays the actual color on the left tip/ colour applied over Black on the right tip.

  • Gamma A slightly more muted Rose-Gold /Pink Glitter. The aurora effect of the different glitter particles throw out greens, blues, silvers & coppers.
  • Lunar This glitter colour is leaning towards a platinum and also has the aurora effect throwing out mainly blues, greens and a touch of rose.
  • Solar A rich bright gold a little more solid in consistency and density. The different glitter particles include rose & coppers along with some platinum.

Gel Play Glitter - full size pot 4g         

Can be cured in UV for 2mins or LED for 30secs 


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