Gel Play Glitter - Nova

Type: Gel play

Gel Play Glitter - Celestial Colours 


Introducing the brand new Gel Play Celestial Collection of glitters - 3 new colours to choose from - Gamma, Lunar and Solar. Three new dazzling additions to the Gel Play Glitter Collection. Taking their colours and names from the twinkle and mystery of outer space.

3 New additions to the exceptionally versatile Gel Play line.


Gel Play - Glitter Celestial Collection is available in 

Glitter NEBULA, Glitter NOVA, Glitter ASTRA 

A collection of 3 new mesmerizing glitters with mirror-like flashes and dense coverage. An awe-inspiring journey into outer space.

  • Nebula, platinum silver with a cobalt blue burst.
  • Nova, rose gold with a multitude of pink pops.
  • Astra, soft gold with bright highlights.


A collection of minis ( 3x2g, 1 of each colour)



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