Gel Play Paints - Lime Green

Type: Gel play


Gel Play Paints –  highly pigmented colours designed for fine detailed nail art.  Can be cured in UV or LED Lamps.
Akzentz new line of soak off, UV/LED cured gels are especially formulated for nail art with dense pigmentation and smooth paint-like consistency.
    Size: 4g/.14oz pots
    UV Cure time: 2 mins
    LED Cure time: 30secs  
    Helpful Gel Play Paint Techniques
    For easy access, you may store a sample of your Gel Play in our convenient Art Palette.To maintain the longevity og the gel be sure to:
    • Keep your palette closed/covered as much as possible.
    • Keep your palette away from any windows and your UV/LED Lamp at all times.
    • Only store a small amount in your pallete at a time to prevent curing or running.
    • Do not store Luxio or Options colors in the pallette as they will leak and run.
    * Akzentz Gel Play Paints blend beautifully, making it easy to create any custom colour you desire
    * If you require a thinner consistency for fine lines and detail, place a small drop of Luxio gloss on your palette and blend it into a small amount of gel play paint to thin it out slightly.


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