HD Adhere Trial Kit

Type: Trial Kit

HD Professional Adhere Trial Kit

Our adhere monomer is formulated to give you exceptional workability when used with our HD Pro powders. Carefully designed to ensure strength, flexibility, unsurpassed adhesion and is non-yellowing due to the uv stabilisers which ensures colour stability & brightness. Adhere is an EMA based liquid monomer and is HEMA free. This liquid is a normal set monomer for technicians who like to have more time for application. 
Adhere monomer requires the use of our Nail prep ( dehydrator) and Bond It! before product application

Kit Contents:

30ml adhere monomer

15g Crystal Clear

15g Polar White

25g Peach Parfait

5ml cuticle oil

1 each of 180, 150, 100 files

1 x Buffer

Directions for use:

To be used by qualified professionals only. Adhere monomer is designed to work perfectly with our HD Pro powders using a 2:1 ratio although due to its composition you can vary your ratio depending on the temperature of your working environment. Alway ensure that correct preparation procedures are followed to ensure beautiful, strong but flexible nail enhancements.

All our monomers are are MMA Free and are formulated in accordance with EU regulations. 

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