HD Metallic Art Colour - 3 - Rose Gold

HD Metallic Art Colours

Introducing the new metallic art colours by HD Professional ! Adds a metallic sheen to any enhancement, can be used for all types of nail art- like marbling, over 3d art etc. For best results use over a shiny surface, for marbling use over Matt it ! 
12 colours available 

1. Apply 1 coat of your chosen metallic colour - allow to dry  
3. Apply 2nd coat of metallic colour - allow to dry
4. Apply HD Pro Shine it (cure 60secs) 
5. File around the free edge to remove excess product and prevent chipping
6. For a more durable finish repeat step 4.
1. Finish your nail with Matt it ! (cure 60secs) 
2. Apply your chosen metallic art colours randomly
3. Use alcohol or prep and wipe with your brush to create a marble effect
4. Wait for the alcohol to disperse and the metallic art colours to dry before finishing with Shine it!  
 *Due various lighting and screen displays- colour may vary from the image