HD PRO Acrylic Conversion Student Kit


This Acrylic progression/conversion kit is for anyone who has booked on one of the HD Nail Artist Academy acrylic progression or conversion course. You will need to order this kit at least 10 working days before the date of the course to ensure availability, if you order after this time we will do our best to get it to you on time.

1 x Rose Gold Salon Pro acrylic brush

1 x 100ml Sani Spray

1 x 250ml Nail Prep

1 x 15ml Ultra Bond Primer

1 x 250ml Adhere Monomer

1 x 300pc HD short sculpting forms

1 x 15g Crystal clear

1 x 25g Bright white

1 x 25g Rosy Peach

1 x 25g Coloured powder (picked at random)

1 x 180/180 file

1 x 150/150 file

1 x 100/100 file

1 x 100/180 buffer

1 x 5ml cuticle oil (fragrance picked at random)

1 x HD Dappen dish


Please note you may still need to bring additional items from the kit list sent to you.

Type: Student Kit

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