HD Pro Art Gel - Ash


51 highly pigmented tack free art gel colours designed for fine detailed all types of nail art.  
Size: 5ml tube
UV Cure time: 4 mins
LED Cure time: 90secs
These gels have been scientifically tested and approved for use with the Akzentz Hybrid Pro lamp and the Akzentz Compact lamp only. 
Helpful Art gel Techniques
For ease of use place a small amount of each colour in our convenient Art gel  Palette.To maintain the longevity of the gel be sure to:
  • Keep your palette closed/covered as much as possible.
  • Keep your palette away from any windows and your UV/LED Lamp at all times.
  • Only store a small amount in your pallete at a time to prevent curing or running.
  • Do not store thin viscosity gels in the palette as they will leak and run.
HD Professional art gels blend beautifully, making it easy to create any custom colour you desire
They are perfect for fine lines and detail, embossed art on top of a finished nail
Can be used for chrome powders


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