HD Pro EXPERT Tools - Cuticle Pusher - Double ended

This range of tools have been developed with the nail technician at the forefront. 

Our HD Pro expert double-ended cuticle pusher is the new standard for precise & easy removal of non living tissue from the nail plate.

Titanium plasma coated - what does this mean ?

Titanium plasma coatings have a high temperature resistance, extreme wear resistance & exhibit high resistance to alkalis & most acids - this coating is used on our tools to increase the longevity & quality of them.




  • Double ended tool for pushing back cuticle & removing growth from the nail plate
  • Spoon end is perfectly designed to fit the shape of the cuticle area
  • Easy to hold & smooth ergonomic handle 
  • Curved scraper end perfect for reaching non living tissue from the sidewalls
  • Fine, sharp blades offering precision & ease of use
  • Made from stainless steel with a black titanium plasma coating
  • Can be disinfected or autoclaved*
  • Tried & tested by Nail Pros for Nail Pros

*Colour may fade over time in some areas due to wear & tear.

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