HD Pro EXPERT Tools - Multi Tool *NEW*

This range of tools have been developed with the nail technician at the forefront. 

Our HD Pro expert multi tool is designed as the ultimate multi-purpose tool with the busy tech in mind.

Titanium plasma coated - what does this mean ?

Titanium plasma coatings have a high temperature resistance, extreme wear resistance & exhibit high resistance to alkalis & most acids - this coating is used on our tools to increase the longevity & quality of them.




  • Dual ended multi purpose tool "orange wood stick" style
  • Easy to hold handle 
  • Perfect as a pusher, scraper, nail art, dotting tool, polygel application and so much more
  • Made from stainless steel with a black titanium plasma coating
  • Can be disinfected or autoclaved*
  • Tried & tested by Nail Pros for Nail Pros

Use it as a pusher, a scraper, pushing the eponychium back before colour application, removing product thats has touched the skin, for nail art, mixing, rubbing down foils,  polygel application and more. This is the ultimate multi purpose tool. 

*Colour may fade over time in some areas due to wear & tear.

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