HD Pro Full Cover Tips Student Kit


HD Pro Full Cover Gel Tip Kit

This kit is for those student attending one our HD Pro Master Eeeze full cover class OR the Eeeze full cover foundation courses.

Kit Contents:
Prep It!
Cleanse It!
Build It! cover pink
Flex It! Clear Universal base
180/180 file
150/150 file
100/180 buffer
Full cover tips - short oval
Full cover tips - med almond
Full cover tips - Toe 

You will also need to bring the following to class:
Paper towel
Cuticle pusher, nippers/scissors
E-file & bits (if already qualified)
Soak off bowl or wraps plus remover
Hybrid uv/led lamp
Sanitisation & disinfection products
Lint free wipes
Gel & fine line brush 
Clear tips & glue
Tip cutters
Colour It! colour of your choice
Shine It!
Mini led/uv torch or clear clips
Cuticle oil 

Type: Kit

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