HD PRO Remove It! + (Improved formula) *NEW*

Type: Prep

Remove It! +

Improved formulation

Remove It! + is our latest and most powerful remover solution with no added water or colourants for a quicker, more effective removal.
 This Soak Off Remover is a universal, fragranced liquid to soak off gel or acrylic nails. This solution has a pleasant smell, and great for use in a soak off bowl or in combination with Foil Wraps.

Directions: Apply a small amount of cuticle oil to the surrounding skin to help prevent dryness before soaking off. Place a small amount of REMOVE IT! + into an acetone proof soak off removal bowl, place the artificial nails into the REMOVE IT! + solution, leave to soak until the product has broken down and is easily pushed off with a wooden manicure stick. (alternatively, you can use soak off removal foil pads) Do not force the product off the nail plate, as this can cause thinning & damage to the natural nails. If needed, repeat the process until all product has been safely removed from the natural nails.

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