Luxio Base Naked


Luxio Base - Naked 

New Luxio base NAKED  is for superior bonding to the natural nail. Can be used before applying a Luxio colour or glitter soak off gel.

 Discover the perfect gel manicure or pedicure with colour and shine that lasts for weeks on the nail without any chipping, cracking or lifting.

100% self-leveling gel
- acid-free in composition, these new bases have improved adhesion due to the adhesive monomers in the composition
- thicker than Luxio original BASE
- suitable for both thin coating and leveling coating
- the recommended polymerization time varies according to the volume of material:
up to 1.5 mm in volume - 30 sec
more than 1.5 mm in volume - 60 sec
(The first layer is applied thinly, rubbing in and cured for 30 seconds. The second layer is already leveling)
- you can also apply AFFIXIT primer, if necessary
- NAKED BASE bases are not a firming agent, but when applied voluminously, they make nails stronger
- soft and elastic
- it is possible to both e-file and soak off for removal 
- available in three shades

  • Base Naked
  • Base Natural
  • Base Nudist
Create natural-looking and feeling nails in a single step. Nails are bathed in sheer, delicate coverage that corrects and enhances. Use Luxio Naked Base alone, as a concealing foundation for lighter colors, for french or babyboomer nails, or merely as base under everything. 

Available in a limited edition mini set as well as the normal full size bottles.



X-Bond (thinnest base/bonding gel in polish bottle) A universally compatible Bonding Gel for all Akzentz lines. X-Bond is designed to work with, and extend wear on even your most troublesome clients.

Luxio Base (Medium base/bonding gel in polish bottle) A bonding/base gel with the ability to float on to level out the nail.

Luxio Build (Thick builder gel in a bottle for gel overlays) Best for gel overlay or to add strength and level out the nail. *NOT a bonding gel - must use X-Bond or Luxio Base on the natural nail as your bonding layer prior to Build.

Type: Gel Polish

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