HD Pro Crystal Quartz - Amethyst Quartz

HD Professional Coloured & Glitter Powders

Crystal Quartz Collection 

A collection of 6 premixed special effect translucent colour acrylics, designed to be layered and to create beautiful effects. These are perfect for the quartz effect and look stunning when applied with glitter.

All our coloured & glitter powders are designed to work perfectly with our Adhere, Optimal and Artiste liquid monomers. They offer excellent coverage due to the high pigmentation and a bubble free finish when applied correctly ensuring high clarity and brightness of colours. Perfect for fun french, ombre and 3d techniques. We have a wide variety of colours to suit every technician needs. Our acrylic dries to a velvety smooth finish due to the fineness of our powders which means less filing for that perfect finish. We recommend that all our colours be capped with clear.

When using coloured acrylics on to the natural nail, apply a very thin layer of clear acrylic first.... then apply your chosen colours/glitters and finish by capping and building your structure with Clear.

6 colours available:

Rose Quartz

Carnelian Quartz

Amethyst Quartz

Citrine Quartz

Prasiloite Quartz

Peach Quartz

Available in:  Ltd edition 10g & 25g

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