*NEW* Mundo Power Plus ULTRA Tool Disinfectant

Type: Disinfectant

Mundo Power Plus ULTRA Tool Disinfectant 

All new fast acting, high level disinfectant for instruments and tools. This highly concentrated formulation provides one of the most modern and cost-effective ways to disinfect instruments and tools.

  • Concentrated solution (500ml makes up to 24.5 litres)
  • Effective against Coronavirus 
  • Naturally derived rust inhibitors
  • Rapid action
  • Chloride free
  • Fresh aroma

Tested to EN 14885, EN 14561, EN 14562, EN 14563, EN 14476, EN 14348, EN 13727, EN 13624, ASTM E1052.

 Efficacy: Bactericidal including MRSA, VRE. Yeasticidal. Non-enveloped Viruses: Murine Norovirus, Adenovirus 5 and all Enveloped Viruses to include: Hepatitis B Virus (HBV), Hepatitis C Virus (HCV), HIV, Influenza Virus, Coronavirus (including SARS and MERS), Herpesviridae, Filoviridae (includes Ebola), Rubella, Rabies, Measles

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