"The Refiner" Rose Gold Bit


Carbide E-file Bits


Our carbide e-file bit range is made from only the highest quality tungsten, due to the high density & purity of our raw material, it makes our bits more durable, long lasting and hard wearing.

"The Refiner"

This is a tapered, spiral cut carbide bit that is perfect for refining around the cuticle area after product is applied in those hard to reach areas. It is also great for removing crystals and lifted areas of product.
It is suitable right handed techs only.

The ROSE GOLD EDITION carbide bits are coated with a special rose gold effect. This does not affect the quality of the bits.
E-file's and drill bits should only be used by qualified professionals who have undergone the appropriate training.
These bits are made from high quality tungsten, meaning they have a better harder wear resistance and are lasting longer than other similar bits.

Due to sanitisation & disinfection procedures the colour may wear slightly over time.

E-files and drills are only to be used by qualified trained professionals. Please do not use an e-file without the proper training, our sister company Hazel Dixon Nail Artist Academy offers an Accredited E-file training Class for those wanting to be trained in the safe use of an E-file.

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