Gel Play Art Glitters


Type: Gel Glitter


Gel Play Glitters – Amazing shades of vibrant, heavily pigmented art glitters.Can be cured in UV or LED Lamps. Can be used to create the finest lines and detailed art using our Akzentz range of art brushes. Paint like consistency in the convenience of a gel, it doesn't dry, run or move whilst working with it. This is a soak off gel so can be used with all systems. 
Akzentz new line of soak off, UV/LED cured gels are especially formulated for nail art with dense pigmentation and smooth paint-like consistency.
They also come in the following.......
  • Gel Play Paints – Highly pigmented colours designed for fine detailed nail art. 
  • Gel Play Glitters – Shades of vibrant, heavily pigmented glitters.
  • Gel Play Glitter Shifters - Sparkling glitters that shift their tone depending on base colour.
  • Gel Play Bling On – Thick consistency gel that stays put and is extra strong to keep gems, stones and embellishments on.
  • Gel Play Glitter Me – Clear gel base with just the right consistency for adding glitters already owned to create personal glitter gels.
Size: 4g/.14oz pots
UV Cure time: 2 mins
LED Cure time: 30secs  


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